Friday, November 2, 2018

Feitian Multipass and ePass FIDO 2-in-1 Bundle Price

- NFC interface for contactless readers and for mobile phones.

- Complete with FIDO U2F.

- Mobile devices compatibility with BLE.

- Good choice for advanced protection.

One package of this product consists of ePass FIDO 2 in 1 Bundle & Feitian Multipass.

Feitian Multipass FIDO Security Key is equipped with recharge cable.

One of Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) alliance certified U2F (Universal Second Factor) protocol security key is Feitian ePass FIDO-Near Field Communication (NFC).

A little bit different from conventional 2nd factor auth., FIDO U2F offers simple answers.

A much solution to a common password or to change it.

Every FIDO can gather multiple key pairs.

NFC module is embedded to ePass FIDO-NFC, it's packed together.

We can use the ePass for authentication and registration any devices with Near Field Communication sensor.

ePass FIDO-NFC is suitable for you who need ease of use and security.

Multipass security key is a gadget to do safe FIDO U2F auth. between all client devices wirelessly or through contact, for instance: tablet, desktop, mobile phones and notebook.

Feitian Multipass FIDO is also a device to past another factor of authentication across three interfaces NFC, BLE and USB.

So, Users are able to choose their desirable channel.

You can check a manual for complete guidance.

Here the product Price: $39.99.