Friday, October 5, 2018

Walgreens 2x2 Passport Photo Price

Everyone needs to take a formal photo with particular rules and precise dimensions once in a while such as for getting or renewing a passport.

Important documents that need to be attached when applying for a new passport may change over time but the photo requirement never does.

If you are a regular traveller, then knowing when and especially where to take as well as print a photo is a necessity.

Even infants are required to provide a photo to apply for passports.

Lucky for you, many national pharmacy chains such as Walgreens offer this kind of service.

You can get your photo taken and printed out at Walgreens locations nationwide in less than an hour.

Here’s what you need to know before taking a Walgreens passport photo.

First Thing First…

The U.S Department of State makes it clear that you need to provide two copies of the same photo every time you apply for a new passport.

They require photos to be 2 x 2” larger, against a plain white or off-white background and on matte or glossy photo-quality paper.

The photo itself must be in colour, obviously.

Another important thing to note is that everyone, even travellers, must war normal clothes and take off their headgears or glasses (unless you wear a hat or head covering for medical or religious reasons, in which case you should provide a signed statement to accompany your passport photo taking).

Additionally, you must face the camera directly.

As for the face, you are instructed to not grin.

You can smile “naturally” or your face can be just completely neutral.

Your eyes must be open and lastly your photos must be taken no more than six months prior to submitting a passport application.

Fortunately, once you have been granted a passport, you don’t need to provide a new photo even if your appearance has changed in a superficial fashion like growing a beard or dyeing your hair or due to normal aging.

However, passport holders who have gone through gender transition, trauma, or undergone extensive facial surgery as well as lost or gained a significant amount of weight must print out a new photo.

Bottom line, as long as your picture and you are recognisably the same person, you won’t have to take a new photo.

Taking a Passport Photo at Walgreens

You can get your passport photo taken and printed out at every Walgreens store across the country with the help of their employees.

You don’t even need to make an appointment beforehand.

However, calling the store in advance is still necessary to ensure they offer this service.

What’s more is that some Walgreen stores can even help you with applications for a new passport.

They won’t be able to process the finished application but the initial process is still important nonetheless.

As for the locations that do offer this kind of application service, provided you have all the supporting documents ready, you can have your applications ready for submission in one hour.

Just an FYI, Walgreens has excelled the art of printing photos these days.

You will find that the photo quality printed out at Walgreens is among the best.

Add to that most employees are very helpful and customer friendly as well.

Most Walgreen photo labs also provide economical pricing for printing your own digital camera photos in sizes such as 5 x 7 inches or on 4 x 6 inches prints.

Moreover, you are also offered with so many Photo Gift ideas as well as collage prints.

Bottom line, it’s understandable that Walgreens is the leading photo printing service in America.

Another way than taking a passport photo is taking your own photo using your own app or tool.

However, this will still require you to print photos at a pharmacy store.

After the picture is taken, email it to yourself.

After that, upload the photo to the store’s photo department before you can pick up the print.

How Much it Costs

Generally speaking, Walgreens is the most convenient place to get your photo taken for a passport.

Walgreens passport photo price amounts to $ 12.99 for two photos.

However, you can get one 4 x 6 print for only $ 0.29.

Sometimes they offer $2 off with deals or coupons.

You can even get up to 6 photos for only $ 7.95 at your local store.

What’s great is that, not only do Walgreens stores provide 2x2” US passport photo service but you can also get OCI photos, PAN card or even passport photos for different countries!

Most Walgreens passport photo offers deals such as $ 10.99 for “two professional-quality, perfectly sized photos printed in compliance with government rules”.

As for the coupons for passport photo, most stores generally offer two passport photos for $8 promotions twice a year.

Pros and Cons

Below are the benefits of taking your passport photos at Walgreens.

  • The whole process is really simple. You simply need to go to the store and get your photos taken immediately.
  • You can get photos in a matter of hours for a 2 x 2 inch US passport kind.
  • Walgreens stores are easily found within several miles in pretty much every city.
  • All photos printed are perfectly in compliance with government terms.
  • This service is perfect and very convenient for students, gym members, employees and of course, travellers applying for a card and US passport book.

However, there are the possible drawbacks as well as in the following:

  • You will have to wait around for about an hour upon arrival at the store and leaving with finished photos. However, it should be noted that once the photos have been taken, they will be ready within minutes.
  • Unfortunately, not many Walgreen stores offer photos compatible for other countries.

Walgreens passport photo is the answer to your passport renewal or application dilemma.

This service is available at most of the entire Walgreen chains (6,500 locations in total) sin the US states.

If you are a traveller, you will definitely find this service very useful!