Monday, October 8, 2018

Puma Clyde Court Disrupt Price Philippines

Various reports stated that Puma was ready to conduct a competition for the basketball shoes market.

Design changes to the use of various best materials are important considerations in offering quality for the shoes.

Moreover, Puma also collaborated with various stars consisting of Marvin Bagley III, Deandre Ayton and others.

In fact, Puma also collaborated with Jay-Z.

Some stars will become commercial icons that increase the brand value of shoes.

In fact, Jay-Z is also a Creative Director at the department of Puma Basketball.

Puma has just released the latest product labeled Clyde Court Disrupt.

Puma has a reason to use this label on their latest product.

Moreover, the details of the products offered also look very modern with very impressive technological support.

The inspiration for this latest product comes from Walt "Clyde" Frazier.

There are several signatures that applied to this product with a long history that will increase the value of the shoes.

According to one of the sources, revealed that Puma placed an ideal collaboration for Clyde Court Disrupt.

The design of these shoes uses the integration of the latest technology in all layers with street art.

This collaboration considered to offer comfort with a luxurious look.

Design characters and some parts of the color side also have a big influence.

Of course the support of Basketball Players who are part of this brand makes the appearance ideal.

Puma uses some technology integration will prepare to compete with rivals.

The technology used for Clyde Court Disrupt involves an upper knit that integrated through the application of an external hell counter.

In fact, some sides of this upper knit also use a sock ankle collar that offers comfort when used for a long time with very high pressure.

The style applied to this upper knit will indeed change the function of the sock.

However, of course the application of this material layer is also very high quality which provides convenience in different designs.

Puma realized that style and design would also involve ideal colors for these basketball shoes.

This concept makes Puma use several color collaborations that adjusted to the ideal layer.

The outermost layer of color applied to these shoes seen with transparent details on the red and yellow sides.

The ideal color combination also presents an elegant concept and a very impressive style.

Clyde Court Disrupt Price and Release Date

Puma released this shoe on September 21st by involving many elements from Basketball Player.

These shoes have a price tag of about $ 120 USD or P6500.