Friday, October 5, 2018

Ponds White Beauty BB Fairness Cream Price in Pakistan

Are you often in a rush in the morning?

Do you want to streamline your beauty routine in the morning and get it done in seconds?

Then consider using a BB cream to chop your beauty regimen by almost 90%.

Instead of using the usual seven products, you only use one blemish balm or “BB” cream.

This beauty balm already covers your need for moisturiser, primer, SPF and even a little bit of foundation.

Ponds BB Creams are the blemish balm that fits the aforementioned description that you should try.

Their new line of product Pond’s White Beauty BB+Fairness Cream has a lot to offer.

Read on to find out about this little miracle and see if it suits your skin type.

A Brief Overview

This all-in-one BB cream is a foundation and fairness cream that provides protection against UVB and UVA rays while the Pro-Vitamin B3 in this product simultaneously lighten dark circles and spots from the inside.

As a result?

You get spotless pinkish white skin.

The pro-vitamin B3 infused in this Pond’s BB Cream is a potent skin lightening agent effective to reduce dark spots by hindering the transfer of melanin to the surface of the skin, resulting in a translucent and clear complexion.

The packaging itself comes in a bright pink with a silver cardboard carton.

The formula is packed in a thin white tube that has a hygienic nozzle to dispense the cream and a silver cap to protect it from spilling out.

The packaging is very compact and simple as a whole and is easy to carry around, especially for traveling purposes.

The product itself has three variants in size namely 9, 18 as well as 50 grams.

The texture of the product is thick and creamy.

You will only need a little bit of it to cover your entire face.

The cream is very easy to blend and does not leave sticky residue on your hand.

The cream won’t even feel like it’s there on your face once it’s blended completely.

You won’t even feel like you have just rubbed anything on your skin because the end result is really that natural and leaves weightless finish.

The BB cream gives a light to medium coverage and can cover minor redness, blemishes along with light acne scars effectively.

Kindly note that this product is not meant to cover heavy blemishes or scars.

If you are looking for heavy coverage then it’s highly recommended that you couple it with some translucent or compact powder over the blemishes.

People with oily or combination skin will find this product to work really well like a holy grail.

However, if you have dry skin then couple it with a hydrating moisturiser that should be applied before the Pond’s BB cream.

What’s In It

As for the complete list of the ingredients, you can easily find them in the back of the packaging.

However, below are the noteworthy features of the product.

It’s infused with GenWhite formula that is also enriched with:

  • Vitamin E which is a potent fat-soluble antioxidant that can neutralise the harmful effects caused by free radicals. Those effects can trigger melanin production that eventually leads to darker skin.
  • Vitamin B3 as stated earlier is a signature ingredient of this BB cream. It helps to control and prevent melanin to accumulate on the skin.
  • Advanced superior sunscreen protection SPF 30 PA++ is helpful in protecting your skin against photoaging and tanning.
  • Allantoin that is also recognised by the US FDA as an anti-inflammatory agent is found in the comfrey plant. It reduces processes that can result in increased pigmentation.

As for the fragrance, it’s formulated with a mild floral fragrance which is typical of all Pond’s products if you are a regular consumer.

The smell is not that strong and truthfully it’s rather pleasant.

Even if you don’t like the smell, it won’t linger on quite long and will eventually fade away within moments of application.

Therefore, even if you are sensitive to smells, it shouldn’t be the thing to worry about.

What’s Good About it

Pond’s claim that the Pond’s White Beauty BB+Fairness Cream provides and does the following:

  • Does not clog pores.
  • Provides instant natural coverage.
  • Helps with lightening skin from within.
  • Helps with evening out skin tone.
  • Reduces dark spots.
  • Ensures natural glow thanks to the Vitamin E and B3 infused within.
  • Minimises the size of pores and thus resulting in a smoother look.

As for the general merits of this product, its pros include:

  • Easy to spread, use and blend.
  • Evens out your skin tone smoothly and naturally.
  • Imparts a healthy glow on your skin.
  • Provides a medium coverage as in able to hide minor redness and imperfections.
  • Comes with SPF 30.
  • It’s long lasting (the product can stay on for as long as 7 to 8 hours).
  • The cream does not feel greasy as it is a lightweight formula.
  • Comes in travel-friendly and small-purse-friendly packaging.
  • Does not clog your pores.
  • Available everywhere.
  • Affordable.


  • The product only comes in one shade.
  • The product may not be hydrating enough for dry skin individuals. However, it’s a simple problem that can be fixed with a simple hydrating moisturised applied underneath the BB cream.

How Much It Costs

As for the last pros mentioned above, the product really is quite affordable.

It’s like a pretty high-end product that’s meant for middle class or lower.

As for the medium size, i.e. 18 grams, the Pond’s BB cream price in Pakistan is quite affordable because you can have it for PKR 395.00 only.

The medium size can last for a month or even more already so it’s a pretty good investment.

Girls with oily or combination skin who are looking for an affordable product that can take care of their morning routine of beauty regimen within a matter of seconds should definitely try this Pond’s BB Cream as it takes no time to be absorbed by the skin and blends really smoothly.

Add to that since the only shade it comes in is the natural cover, it makes the product really suits skin tones of Pakistani women so there’s a silver lining after all!