Monday, October 15, 2018

Nokia 7.1 Plus expected price in India

Nokia 7.1 plus does have specifications that are better than the regular version.

Of course this specification detail also supported by a new operating system that allows you to get many features.

The main specifications given for this smartphone are via the Octa Core processor which consists of 2.2 GHz Dual Core and 1.7 GHz Hexa Core.

This processor is part of Snapdragon 710 with very maximum performance.

To make it easier to improve the performance and features of the operating system on the smartphone, of course you also get support for RAM capacity that reaches 4GB.

Details of other features offered on this smartphone are very calculated.

Moreover, the camera performance that is applied becomes an important part of getting a better experience.

Nokia 7.1 Plus has 12MP + 13MP support for Primary Camera.

In addition, this smartphone also uses 20 MP on the front camera.

The power of this camera will give a very good effect and the results of the image are very great.

The ideal display size for smartphones considered to be an important part for some consumers.

Nokia 7.1 plus has 6.18 inches of support which makes it easy for all features to look ideal.

All specifications offered like this will indeed adjusted by the price tag.

Nokia 7.1 plus has a tag price of around Rs. 22,000 in India.