Sunday, October 14, 2018

Nokia 7.1 NZ Price

Nokia introduces the latest smartphones with the best specifications of the Nokia 7.1 series.

This smartphone has a comparison of screen specifications to different storage capacities compared to the previous version.

However, until now Nokia has not provided an official release for New Zealand.

There are a number of things Nokia must prepare to introduce this smartphone to the public.

Improved specifications provide a greater influence on the performance desired by consumers.

Of course this you can get from Nokia 7.1 which supported by many details changes.

The processor used by Nokia 7.1 integrated with 1.8 GHz Octa Core.

RAM capacity for smartphones is also very good with 3GB.

This collaboration does give effect to the performance desired by many consumers.

In addition, Nokia also offers internal storage capacity with 32GB.

External storage for this smartphone reaches 400 GB with MicroSD integration.

The camera capability applied to this smartphone consists of 8MP for Front camera and 12MP + 5 MP for rear camera.

This capacity considered to have a large influence on various videos and photos.

The operating system used by Nokia 7.1 involves Android 8.1.

This operating system supported by many new features that provide convenience for consumers.

However, Nokia has yet to provide an official price for Nokia 7.1 which marketed in New Zealand.