Sunday, October 7, 2018

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Unboxing Price

Microsoft has announced new device which is called Surface Hub 2.

It is a device which has been presented three years ago with the same name.

Microsoft develops this device by focusing on collaboration aspects.

Surface Hub 2 is ready to maximize its potential.

The screen can be positioned in landscape orientation or rotated into portrait orientation and it is because this screen adopt 3 : 2 aspect ratio.

This size is very suitable and match with the spacious workspace than the screen which has 16 : 9 aspect ratio.

Compare to its last previous model, this new device is more graceful with its thin bezel.

When you do unboxing the package of Microsoft Surface Hub 2, you will found some equipment which support this device.

Just open the box and you will found cable, adaptor, computer keyboard, large screen, the shutter support, and many others.

You can put this device either on the wall or on the floor with the poles or table to keep the device in high position.

You will see that this device has some USB port to connect with your flashdisk.

The screen can be touched or it is called touchscreen and it is large enough to be put in your room.

Then, just enjoy to use and operate this new Microsoft Surface Hub 2.