Sunday, October 7, 2018

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Price in Pakistan

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 has sleek and slim screen.

It runs the Surface Hub experience which will make you love it.

It is really suitable for your team workflow and empower the people or worker to collaborate anywhere as it is so easy-to-move with its lightweight.

You can put this device in any space either in conference big room or small team space.

It is because the screen can fit for any space and you can put it in landscape position or portrait, make it in smaller size or wider.

We can say this device is more than a smart board or an interactive whiteboard.

It optimized and very suitable for the team or people who want to produce, co-create, and connect with others.

Most of people will like this device as it brings the best combination of Microsoft Office and Windows to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Whiteboard.

When you are using this Surface Hub 2, it is easy for you to streamline the workflow of your team through the features which are collaborated such as sign-in and multi-user to access and save the content.

This device has been launched also in Pakistan and you can buy with the price Rs 859,757.16 / $ 6,999 (The smaller 55" model) for one year warranty.