Thursday, October 11, 2018

LG V40 Thinq Project Fi Price

LG is one of the most popular merk for smartphone in international market.

Recently, LG launched its new product which is called LG V40 Thinq Project Fi.

This product puts photography as its first and focus specification with five cameras on a single Android phone.

Then, for you who love to take picture and selfie this will be the best innovation of product you should take it on your list.

With these five cameras, this smartphone will give you varying shot perspectives and quality of resolution.

Believe, you will really love this new innovation from LG when you are seeing the camera modes and varous tricks play out.

LG V40 is available in 6.4-inches OLED screen.

It has some advantages such as longer battery life, even though competing handsets it can take cleaner pictures, and it comes with reasonable and affordable price.

Besides, using this smartphone will make you feel more fun as it is completed with video camera videos in high quality.

This smartphone has been updated with the telephoto lens which makes zoomed-in photos will not showing blurriness or flaw anymore.

It will be the first smartphone which has five cameras in a single device and it gives you more shooting options.

It will be the perfect metaphor for LG’s ambitions go dominate the market.

The camera which is provided in this device can capture larger pixels and combines telephoto, regular, and super-wide-angle camera in a rear of three-camera array.

While on the front is suitable for selfies or group selfies as there are normal and wide-angle camera pair on that part.

It has some unique modes which you have to try it once you use the cameras.

You don’t need to feel worry about how you choose the best lens for the best shot as it has Triple Shot simultaneously snaps pictures from all three rear cameras.

The next is Cine Shot which allows you to create six-second cinemagraphs.

Also there is Cine Video which has been available also in LG V30 and it makes easier to fluidly zoon anywhere.

Overall, this product really looks great with its HDR10 compability which will make your photo looks very good.

Besides, it is also become one of the fastest Android phones which have been tested to the Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6GB of RAM.

It has powerful speaker and headphone jack which still rarely in most of other smartphone product.

You will feel comfortable also with its light-weight and slim device even though it has larger screen.

About the price of this product, you need to prepare around $900 up to $980 more or less.