Saturday, October 6, 2018

Dior Saddle Bag Strap 2018 Price

It is the little bit different when talking about fashion revival.

Bags probably become one of the most waited items when it is compared to clothes.

Even though a fashion changes in every season, and this must take a long time even in decades to bring the trend back, but handbags are something different among fashion enthusiast.

This is more than a complement item that we can pair with everything and this is a bit trickier because reviving a bag is not easy, especially if the fashion trend change.

This should be something worthy to buy!

However, there will always be some items that are worthy-awaited because it is limited edition and has special details that probably will not be founded in other brands.

So, when it comes to fashion revival, Dior saddle bag is the only item to be worthy to wait.

Its iconic and viral sensation is to be available during July 2019.

A long waiting still, but these sophisticated bags are unique with its texture and cultural charm to each detail.

It is predicted to bring the original design, with its shoulder strap that was tremendously popular during the 2000s.

It is indicated this item is going to hit the market again hinting to Kendall Jenner.

However, it is still unclear whether this most sophisticated item will bring the shorter or longer shoulder straps or not.

Anyway, you don't have to worry because Dior always provides separate accessories including the shorter shoulder bag so you can adjust your style.

When we remember some leaks according to the PurseForum in Dior section, Dior will bring two changes in this upcoming item; two sizes (regular and mini) and material (velcro and suede).

It sounds more interesting to see the upgraded luxury on its upcoming product.


We understand that everything will look so weird for a 15-year ago item to bring back in this decade.

A classic touch is nice, but being too old is a 'no no'.

Will Dior Saddle Bag Price Set the Same?

It is not a new thing if Dior always becomes the most sophisticated item so it will always require to spend your money, but it is worthed for a beautiful handcraft and limited edition design.

This is more like an investment in your fashion collection.

So, here is a quick list of Dior's collection you should dream of:

Dior Monogram Saddle Bag Price

Dior monogram saddle bag price probably will hit the fashion stage again with its navy leather and a yellow stitching.

It looks more like a vintage item with the monogram color and Dior's logo printed all over the bag.

This old item comes in a short strap with some details like monogram weave fabric, cowhide handle and trim, zip at the top and has 4oz/0.11 kg.

Since this is pre-owned, the price might be higher if they release it again next year.

Currently, the Monogram saddle bag has $1,350 price tag.

Dior Saddle Bag Calfskin Price

It is not a new thing if the calfskin is very expensive due to its natural features.

It is generally finer.

It is a delicate and smooth texture with lightweight mass.

So, no wonder when Dior mostly bring the material to their collection whether it is a pair of shoes, jacket, bags and another fashion item for its scratch resistant but softer to touch.

It is exactly what everyone wants and they have a willingness to spend a huge amount of money to enjoy the lux.

However, there is the downside when deciding calfskins as the main material which tends to fade away.

So, you will have to follow certain treatments to keep its color but the good news is the general maintenance is the same with suede.

The Dior calfskin material has three colors including black, red and pink.

It also comes with a very nice accessory, the aged gold-tone metal on the shoulder and hand making this back more valuable and sophisticated.

Besides, the bag has 19.5x16x6.5 cm that would be amazing for any kind of occasion.

This bad costs around $2,427.20.

Dior Denim Saddle Bag Price

When it comes to Dior's bag, we personally will think about the glamorous accents and the shining gold on some parts of the bag.

Conversely, Dior has its own way to give a casual look with its denim saddle bag.

The bag is absolutely casual and more affordable at only $230.

Probably this is the best item and most favorite for all women because of this suits with casual style.

As usual, Dior's added the antique gold-tone hardware on the strap and the bag.

Dior always puts a simple design but still look gorgeous with its single pocket, tonal stitching, tan leather trim, tonal woven lining and also single zip pocket at the interior wall.

Dior Saddle Bag In Embroidered Canvas

This item brings ethnic details with the multi-colored fringing and beads.

As usual, they added the iconic Dior adornment on the strap and the bag.

This is the hottest masterpiece with its classic shape and good for making a fashion statement.

The bag comes in two sizes; mini and the original size.

The original size comes with 25.5 x 20 x 6.5 cm and the mini comes in 19.5 x 16 x 6.5 dimension.

It is a great item to spice up your look.

You can grab the regular size by giving $8,134 or the mini one with $5,641.

Yes, for some people Dior’s bags are so expensive and this might cost them an arm and a leg.

However, it is a matter of taste that everyone will have the pride to collect a masterpiece.

It is not a matter of price tag, but it is a high-class taste and it is more like a fashion investment that probably cannot be measured with the many.

The satisfaction to be one of the collectors of Dior’s items can never be replaced.

Probably you want to invest this most iconic bags?

Probably you will need years later to get it back because they probably only release limited stocks.