Friday, October 12, 2018

Dexcom G5 vs G6 Price

For someone who is suffering from diabetes, checking the blood sugar level is highly suggested to prevent diabetes complication and manage your treatments.

There are several tools from the glucose meter by taking the small drop of your blood, or the more modern one with a continuous glucose monitor system that simply can be put on the belly.

Recently people love the glucose continuous monitor system which can measure the blood sugar level continuously from day and night.

Every 5-15 minutes, this tool will update the information of your sugar level so you can read the patterns and trends.

To get this prescription, you will need a prescription for your personal physician.

How Does the CGM Work?

The monitor will measure the glucose level in your body by putting the sensor on the skin of the belly with the quick and painless feel.

Besides, the monitor will also be placed right in the back of your arm then the transmitter will send all of the information required to your wireless-pager monitor which you can also clip it on the belt.

For someone who has type 1, diabetes will find it easy.

Glucose Continous Monitor System, Dexcom G6 Review

Before the Dexcom G6 released, the Dexcom G5 came as one of the most wanted items with some nice features.

In this newest product, there are some key differences you will notice compared to the previous edition, the following are:

There is no fingerstick for calibration

Upgraded sensor applicator that allows the user to just set it in one-touch and also it has a simpler insertion.

The best thing from the Dexcom G6 compared to the predecessor is easier to use with its 28% lower profile making it easy to be worn under the clothing.

There is an acetaminophen blocking which will give more accurate readings.

They included the predictive low alert which will predict the hypoglycemia, so this will avoid the user from dangerous events before it hits.

Compared with the previous edition, Dexcom CGMs, the newest edition wive 10 days extended sensor which will allow 43% of longer wear.

The Dexcom G6 Insertion

There is a serious improvement in the newest edition, especially on the insertion which it comes in pre-attached to its applicator.

The user just needs to peel off the tape and then stick it on the skin.

After that, fold the safety guard and next press the button to insert it.

As it is finished, put off the applicator from the skin.

The most interesting thing from the Dexcom G6 is less painful installation which the needle goes in then out very quick, even it is completely hidden.

Compared to the previous G5, the changing sensor causes pains.

In terms of needles, the auto-inserter has sleeker, bigger and it is completely hidden.

However, there is one thing that made us surprised, the insertion device is not a reusable item that the sensor comes in a pre-load that is packed in a large white plastic that causes the user in a little trouble when going for a long vacation or trip.

Besides, due to its unreusable item, there will be a lot of waste.

The Accuracy of Dexcom G6 Compared To G5

The Dexcom G6 brings its most notable change with the non-fingerstick device but it keeps its accuracy which is much better.

As it is tested by with the G6 and G5 head-to-head with one is on the abdomen for more than 10 days and the remaining is on the arms over 10 days, it was showed that the G6 had a different result with 13.6%, meanwhile, the G5 was 13,9%.

As stated in the G6 user guide, the sensor results in different glucose value with the 9.0%-9.8% when it is compared to laboratory test.

Seeing the result, for example when the level of blood sugar is 100 mg/dl, the G6 will show ~9-10mg/dl.

When it is compared to the meter, the device brings lower accuracy.

The Dexcom G6 Ends After 10 Days

When it was tested, the G6 stops giving the real report after 10 days that requires the user to insert the new sensor to get the report back.

It is a complicated issue that people will need more money to get their device working to normal again.

The Dexcom G6 Transmitter

The Dexcom G6 transmitter has no big difference compared to the G5 with the Bluetooth-enabled transmitter, except its slimmer look.

When it is compared with the previous series, the G6 is much simpler and slimmer, it is a nice progress and it can be used for 3 months.

However, the Dexcom G6 comes with two transmitters which this should be recorded two times each year.

Can Dexcom G6 Work On Android and iOS Device?

This is a good news to hear the device works for both Android and iOS devices.

However, for the older device like iPhone SE, the application gives issue with the white space on the screen, but when it comes to the larger device, the application work fine and less issue.

There is a new feature, Urgent Low Soon which will warn the user about the dangerously low blood sugar level (55 mg/dl).

Besides, the device allows the user to schedule the alert to notify the trend whether it is going to be high or low.

This news application overall brings new good things, one of them is allowing the user to share it to 5 people.

Probably they want to share it with the doctor, parents or family, it is possible.

If the user doesn't use the application, there is a receiver to help the user reading this.

How Much Does the Dexcom G6 Cost?

It is difficult to tell how much the Dexcom G6 costs because this will vary according to the insurance.

Compared to the previous edition of G5, which costs around $800 plus $35 for each sensor, probably the user will spend thousands of dollars per year.

However, even though it is so costly, having the blood sugar monitoring in 24/7 is a great thing that we can monitor our health and decide what the best treatment to get.