Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Big E Parking Price

If you are still new to the Big e, well this is also well-known as the Eastern States Exposition.

It is popular as the largest agricultural event that includes the six of the New England states including Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and also Connecticut.

Interestingly, this fair will be open in the second Friday right after the labor day and it will run for 17 days located in Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.

This place is very popular for a family who wants to spend their time with amazing attractions, food and other events from any kind of areas in one place.

How To Get To The Big E?

Luckily, the official site of the Big E provides direction, you can check in the official site for going there from the Berkshires and points west.

A tip for you if you want to go there, if the traffic is heavy, the local law will re-routing the drivers by sending them to the path that leads them to the place quickly.

They will also update the direction especially when it is related to the heavy traffic.

Therefore, it is better for you to keep updating the website to get the latest news.

Also, remember that the weekends will be the busiest days, so if you avoid from getting stuck in the traffic, it is better to provide the extra time for your trip.

However, sitting in your car for hours is not that fun!

What To Do In The Big E?


Since this place brings various facilities and events, there will be a lot of things to do.

Some of the most popular are as follows:

  • Six Flags New England
  • Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
  • Make It Springfield
  • Springfield Armory National Historic Site
  • Gulf Shores Alabama
  • Springfield Falcons
  • Lyman & Maneri Wood Museum of Springfield History
  • The Springfield History Museum
  • Peaked Mountain
  • Academy of Music Theatre

Besides, the visitors can enjoy another interesting activity including agriculture, collector car live and some educational sections.

One of the most popular is The Big E's automotive attractions which you will enjoy the two-hour special attraction without fee admission.

So, if you are a car addict, you will enjoy the best collection starting from the 1900s presented by the collectors.


Besides, the food is so fantastic!

Nothing compares the food here that the Big E supports farms to fork.

Also, you will enjoy so many types of cuisines even in more traditional tase including Mexican, Greek, Chinese, Latin, Indian food, Polish and also Thailand.

There are so many variants to taste whether you want things with the carbs or the healthy ones for your diet.

There are so many hidden foods you could find in the midway including the Deep South Company, Wurst Haus, the new West Side Grill, the Deep South Company or you can enjoy all of the fun in Storrowton.

Also, you will have to make sure that you taste the juicy beverage including many fresh tastes from The Big E Martini, V1 Craft Cocktail Bar, Opa Opa Saloon, Sam Adams Beer, Guinness Irish Pub and Oktoberfest Munich Style.


For the Agriculture enjoyment, the Big E surpass beyond what we expect with its huge agriculture fairs and giant vegetables.

They bring all the fun and create the boring agriculture into interesting demonstrations which you can see in the Coliseum with 5900 seats.

Besides, there are several exciting activities in several places like livestock, Mallary Complex, Farm-A-Rama, AG Demonstrations and Horse Show.


The entertainments in the Big E are so outstanding with so many demonstrations for your family.

Besides the car shows, you can enjoy some circus, parades and even some concert.

For the concert itself, there will be a number of great bands and singers lining up.

The Big E Review and What Makes Uncomfortable

Traffic Flow

Apart from the greatest shows, the huge varieties of food, and also its outstanding livestock, there is one most noticeable problem that many visitors are always stuck in the long traffic.

According to the, it is recorded that more than 1.8 million visitors join the crowd during 2018.

This not only affects the visitors who are going there but also the residents along the way which they complain about how the traffic flow makes them a prisoner in their house.

It sounds a never-ending problem to every event held in this place which is very tiring and probably you might lose your excitement as you reach the place.

Deep-fried Disappointment

For you who are struggling for your diet, probably the Big-E is not the right place to visit with the varieties of carbs along the way.

Thank the organizers and also the merchants who bring the outstanding taste from the fried dough, baked potatoes, lobster rolls, turkey legs, kettle corn, and others.

Probably it is a bit difficult to find the proper taste for each visitor and also some merchants sell different foods but actually it is the same thing.

For example, the turducken sandwich that is only about bread and bread.

Even the worse thing when it comes to turkey, duck meat and chicken, they look all the same with the cornbread-covered thing and it is placed in the deep fry.

However, the taste is still great with the soft texture that saves hem and a well-seasoned type of cooking.

So, for a newbie who wants to visit this place in the next even, just be selective.

The Big E Parking Price

  • Automobile Parking - Per vehicle will be $10 including cars, vans, motorcycle, and trucks at the gate 9.
  • Meanwhile, the motorcycle at gate 7 will be charged $5.
  • Camper Parking - There are spaces for the camper units with $20 per day on the first-served or the first come.

Some facilities are also included including the free parking for the motorcoaches and school bushes with continuous round trip.

There is also off-ground parking as the private place located near The Big E that is not affiliated with the place.

Hence, the parking fee will be set by the owner of the parking area.