Thursday, October 11, 2018

Benefit Vanity Flare Nude Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Make up or cosmetics always become one of the most favorite things which every women need and want to have it.

It is natural feeling if every women wants to look beautiful in front of everybody especially a man.

They will take the best quality of make up and give their best look in every condition.

Eyes are becoming one of the point in your face which you should take more attention in giving the best and match look so your face looks more natural and beautiful.

You need to use eyeshadow to give strong or flawless look on your eyes.

One of the most recommendation make up for your eyes is Benefit Vanity Flare Nude Eyeshadow Palette.

This make up is a neutral eyeshadow palette for your daily look which features 12 powder eyeshadows in 3 finishes of colors.

You will get soft matte, shimmer, and sating color from this product.

For you who love natural look then this is the best option.

This product can blend and build easily and it is such a perfect thing for pairing together to create your custom look.

You will get natural-looking eyeshadow looks everyday.

So that you will feel more confident whenever and wherever you are without get feeling that your make up look is too tacky.

Besides, this product has portable and purse friendly.

It is really recommended for you to take the eyeshadow palette for your daily natural eyeshadow looks.

It has some shade colors such as buff, shell pink, cappuccino, deep mauve, mink, and charcoal brown.

These colors is available for soft matte color.

Then, there are shimmering nude and peachy gold for shimmer color.

And the last colors are fore satin which is including pink pearl, satiny heather, rosy brown, and ripe plum. With a lot of shades and colors, it gives you more option to create your best-look in your eyes.

The beautiful look on your face especially for your eyeshadow point will be very easy to get it.

It is so easy to use this make up and you can do trial until you get the best look which you want.

First, for a base you can start with a soft matte shade.

Then, layer on a deeper shade to add dimension.

After that, press any shimmer shade on the center part of your eyelid.

It will give an eye-opening effect.

If you want an office-friendly eyeshadow with natural look, you can sweep shell pink across the entire eyelid.

After that, use a hard angle brush to line upper lash line with deep mauve.

For the last, you can apply Benefit’s Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara which is sold separately for flirty and lifted lashes.

You will get the complete look if you apply all of this.

Benefit Vanity Flare Nude Edition Eyeshadow Palette price is so affordable as you just need to pay $34.00 to get this product.